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Conditions List

Conditions List

Your daily Home-care will offer the many benefits of relaxation and of increased general blood circulation (with better oxygenation, nutrition and removal of toxins) as well as an increase in flexibility of the soft tissues and a reduction of the muscular compensation for the following conditions:

Abcess – Inflammation characterized by putrefaction.
Aging – gradual structural changes seen with the passage of time.
Amputation – removal of a body part.
Arthritis – inflammation of a joint.
Arthrodesis – surgical fusion of a joint.
Bowed tendon – Inflammation of the flexor tendon( deep & Superficial) and sheath.
Bursitis – inflammation of a bursa, can lead to a formation of calcium deposit.
Cold-Back – inflammation of the back muscles.
Concussion – injury resulting from a violent jar or shock.
Coxofemoral Luxation – A displacement or dislocation of the hip joint.
Cruciate ligament tear – partial/total rupture of the stifle’s inner ligaments.
Degenerative myelopathy – inflammation of the muscle fibers.
Dehydration – excessive loss of body water.
Desmitis – the inflammation of any ligament.
Disk degeneration - disease of an intervertebral disk, aka Discopathy.
Elbow dysplasia – abnormal development of the bone tissue in elbow.
Fibrocartilagenous emboli – sudden blockage of the fibrocartilage of a joint.
Founder – inflammation of the sensitive/live tissue of the hoof
Fracture repair – healing process of a brake or rupture in  a bone.
General muscle stiffness – Decreased range of movement + soreness in a muscle.
Hip dysplasia - abnormal development of the hip (coxofemoral) joint.
Hip surgery – surgical procedure to return hip joint to normal functioning.
Hyperness – excessive activity.
Intervertebral disk disease – a pathology between two contiguous vertebrae.
Joint injury – impairment of joint function.
Lactic Acid Buildup – excess byproduct of muscle metabolism with pain/stiffness.
Laminitis – inflammation within the lamina of the horses hoof.
Luxation – loss of integrity to joint ligament/joint capsule and adjacent tendons.
Luxated patella – lateral side dislocation of the patellar bone.
Lyme disease - Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease spread through a tick bite.
Malnourished – a state of being under fed or undernourished.
Microfracture – microscopic fractures very difficult to diagnose (nuclear scintigraphy).
Muscle atrophy – visible wasting away of any  muscle tissue.
Muscle imbalance – different tonicity & strength between 2 identical muscles.
Muscle tremor – an involuntary trembling or fasciculation of a muscle.
Obesity – excessive body weight beyond skeletal and physical requirements.
OCD – disorder of cartilage and bone growth.
Osteoarthritis – chronic multiple degenerative joint disease.
Paralysis – loss or impairment of  motor function in a body part.
Post-laminectomies – after the excision of the posterior arch of a vertebra.
Post-surgical procedures – proper methods used after any operation.
Sciatica – neuralgia along the course of the sciatic nerve, from gluts to lower leg and most commonly due to the herniation of a lumbar disk.
Soft tissue injuries – muscle strain, ligament sprain & fascia restrictions.
Tendonitis – inflammation of the tendon portion of a muscle.
Wobblers syndrome – inner narrowing of spinal canal causing pain to spinal cord.
Wound healing –natural body response of producing new collagen fibers (scar).

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