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eqdeluxedownloadIn this outstanding offer, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt builds up on the Advanced Equine Massage Package by adding his muscle charts and stress point location chart (at a special 25% discount) to give you another advantage in your education. These posters are laminated and give you instant educational feedback on the many anatomical body parts of your animals – names of all the bones that make up the skeleton, joints, ligaments, deep and superficial muscle layers – as well as the 40 stress point locations found on each side of the animal.
(Note: The posters will have to be shipped to you)

Your Deluxe Equine Massage Package materials consist of:
• The eBook "Equine Massage, A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition"
• The Full Equine Massage Collection Video Downloads - 21 Videos - at a 25% discount
• The laminated Equine Muscle Chart - (Large - 3 x 11"X17" panels) at 25% discount
• The Equine Stress Point Chart - 11"X17" at 25% discount

This expert knowledge will take you to the height of Equine massage so you can fully participate to your animal's fitness and wellness regardless of their age or breed. As you develop your massage skills, you will secure the many benefits associated with massage.

Videos Included in this Video Download are:

E001 - Proper Positioning For Efficient and Safe Massage

E002 - Hand Sensitivity - 4Ts, Pressure, Contact & Rhythm

E003 - Basic Massage Movements - Pressures and Rhythms

E004 - Relaxation Massage Routine - Short and Long versions

E005 - SEW / WES Approaches - Beginning / Ending Protocol for Massage

E006 - Full Body Massage - Gentle Drainage and Softening of muscles

E007 - Stretching General - Neck, Back, Limbs.

E008 - Hydrotherapy - Heat & cold - Ice cup massage technique

E009 - The Swelling Technique

E010 - Trigger Point Massage Technique

E011 - Stress Point Massage Technique

E012 - Origin/Insertion Massage Technique

E013 - Forty Stress Point Locator Technique

E014 - Sport Massage Routine

E015 - Warm-up Massage Routine

E016 - Cool-down Massage Routine

E017 - Recuperation Massage Routine

E018 - Trouble Spot Massage routine

E019 - Anatomical Descriptions - Bones / Muscles Locator

E020 - Kinesiology of the Dog - Study of Muscles Responsible for Movement

E021 - Conformation Check-up Routine Regular

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