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Equine Email Consultation with Jean-Pierre

Owner's First and Last Name:
Email: Phone:
Animal Name:
Age: Size: Weight:
Type of activity:
Any particularities:
Briefly describe the present condition:
How did it happen:
When applicable, give a brief history of past injuries:
Any other important information you want Jean-Pierre to know:
To your best knowledge, check the right information
Level of Conditioning:

Arthritis in:

Temporomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction syndrome:

Does your horse bend his neck equally to both sides: If no, which side is most restricted:
Does your horse move his body when you bend his neck: (ie. Step back or sideways to shift weight.)
Does he rotate his head in order to bend his neck to the same side:
Are his forelegs moving equally: Yes If not, which one is most restricted:
Are his hind legs moving equally: If not, which one is most restricted: Left
When making circles, is your horse comfortable going to:
When bending to the restricted side, does your horse break the bend from the: Hinds
Does your horse hold his breath: Is the wear and tear of your horse’s shoes even?:
Does your horse sweat evenly on both sides and in each area of his body? (this should to be checked at different time intervals while riding)

Looking at his feet, are all heel equals:
Which of the 4 hooves have low heels:
Which of the 4 hooves have high heels:
Does your horse pull the reins out of your hands? Does he seek contact too abrupt ?
Is your horse elastic in feel or just stuck in a frame?
While riding does your horse feel like it stabs the ground and is not light on his feet?
Which side while riding, using the reins, is the stiffer side?
Does your saddle sit to one side always? Even in halt?
Does your saddle shift to the outside in both directions or in one direction? No Shift
Does your saddle sit to the inside in both directions or is level? Level
Coming out of a corner is the saddle shifting to the outside?

Can your horse change his neck position from left to right and back without coming up (tension) or dropping the bit?
Check at:   Halt    Walk    Trot    Canter

Upload Video Clip

Maximize your consultation by supplementing the Animal Profile Form with a short video (3 minutes max) of your horse in motion. Your horse may be ridden under saddle or worked in hand. Please include the following:

  • Animal walking away from the camera for 30 yards, turning, and walking back towards the camera.
  • Animal trotting away from the camera for 30 yards, turning, and trotting back towards the camera
  • Animal walking from right to left, then left to right, filmed from the side - 30 yards each side
  • Animal trotting from right to left, then left to right, filmed from the side - 30 yards each side

Remember: Videos must be no longer than three (3) minutes.   I will study the profile form along with the video before we speak to help provide you with the most complete assessment possible.