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After testing the unique benefits EyeOn® products, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, managing director for Animal Awareness, has developed a strong business relationship with this unique company. EyeOn® offers an extra 5% discount, for orders over $25, to the Animal Awareness community. Be sure to use the following code  "2b4animalawareness" when ordering from the EyeOn® site:

Starting Point
Over a year ago, during a visit to a client barn up north, I first heard from the EyeOn® equine and canine care products. Rob and Linda, two professional equestrians, had only positive things to say about the multi-benefits of these genuine products on both their large and small animals. Right away, what got me very interested is the description of the natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly green technology used in these products to promote the natural healing process in every animal. I decide to find out more about these remarkable products and possibly experiment these great benefit myself. Within a few days I made contact with Mr. Douglas Spatz, president of EyeOn LLC.

Description of EyeOn® Compound
Mr. Spatz was very receptive to my inquiries and provided me with a huge amount of information regarding the special compound at the root of all EyeOn® care products. This particular compound is the result of smart thinking. It is made of selected and particular brand of special inorganic materials. Spatz insisted on the fact that the sources of his materials were selected with great discernment from samples received from around the world to ensure the best quality for the healing purpose. This high quality compound is manufactured in the US and can be incorporated into any substance such as fabric, foam, polymer and more. This versatility allows EyeOn® to offer top products such as leg wraps, boots, blankets, belts, pads, bedding and more to both its human and animal clientele.

Physiological Properties
The EyeOn® natural compound is a very effective technology for health care. Its many physical benefits derive mainly from the following two attributes:

1. EyeOn® compound produces a continuous flow of Anions.
2. EyeOn® compound produces Far Infrared Rays.


By definition, Anions are molecules that carry a charge, an extra electron.  You naturally encounter them along the shores as they occur naturally by the breaking waters, and also after a lightning storm. In either case, anions make most of us feel invigorated and refreshed. The huge popularity of Ionizers machines for home use attests to their considerable calming and invigorating benefits.

Another great benefit is that Anions are a natural antimicrobial. Spatz commented: “EyeOn® produces a small plasma or electric field consisting primarily of electrons that ionize gas and liquid molecules entering the field, turning them into anions.  The anions are the first step in the antimicrobial process and the basis for which commercial ionizers have been marketed and sold for years to clean the air of bacteria, mold, odor and much more.”

This is very amazing for all the EyeOn® products leg wraps, saddle pads, blanket, coats, boots and pet beds. The EyeOn® compound suppresses bacteria and mold growth as well as retards virus growth and fungi growth, not to mention the most amazing one: odor! Wahoo!!

Far Infrared Rays - FIR

Although Far Infrared rays aren't visible to the naked eye, it is in the “white light” spectrum's lower range and it generates the warmth we feel on bright sunny days. When asking more feedback on FIR, Spatz mentioned: “When Far infrared rays penetrate the skin, they come into contact with protein, collagen and fats. By stimulating micro-vibrations far infra-red cause a thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperatures. The human body then reacts by dilating all the blood vessels regardless of size. Tissues are revitalized because of the improved (micro & macro) circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients. It is particularly beneficial to soft tissue injuries."

He also made a strong point about the analgesic benefit of the EyeOn® compound: “Pain is reduced due to the increase of the threshold perception of the allotrope nerve endings and from the release of endorphins.  The FIR produces an analgesic action the same way as morphine, only this from is not addicting."

Mr. Spatz has had several Independent Laboratories conduct tests on the EyeOn® products and you can find a lot more about the amazing benefits of this great and natural compound on his website. At the end of our interview, he concluded: “EyeOn® accelerates the natural healing process present in humans and animals alike.”

Testing EyeOn® products

Shortly after our conversation, I received several of the EyeOn® products for my review. Having some long standing chronic lower back soreness, I right away went on to apply the "Three Inch Square EyeOn® FIR Patch" on my lower back region, between my belt and my shirt. Within an hour I could feel something was happening over my lower back area. A gentle warmth sensation deep in the structure was really noticeable. I kept the pad for about 3 hours the first day. On the second day, I kept the pad over my lower back all day! My chronic soreness progressively diminished to simply being a dull discomfort. On the third day, I repeated the experience all day! My lower back problem had gone down to a simple numbness. As a therapist of 28 years, this event really made me aware of the power of the EyeOn® compound.

Three Inch Square EyeOn® FIR Patches

I went on to let one of my close friend use the EyeOn® thin pad on her old  dog “Canelle”. A 14 years old Golden Retriever, Canelle has been moving very slowly, and getting progressively stiffer from her arthritis. Within a few days of  the dog sleeping over the EyeOn® slim pad that had been inserted in her sleeper bed, my friend reported the dog being more active, wagging her tail a lot more frequently and willing to play more readily with her.

EyeOn® Pet bed

From the testimonials available on EyeOn® site, I can see that many animal owners, both small and large, have reported similar benefits.



Here are some of the Horse products already available from EyeOn®.

EyeOn® Leg Wraps
My equestrian friends up-north use the EyeOn® leg wraps all the time now. They reported to me that even after a full weekend of competition, their jumper horses no longer showed the blow up, fill with fluids symptoms so common after competing. Since they use these EyeOn® leg wraps, their horses no longer have low grade inflammation, soreness and chronic swelling. They noted that combined with cold hydrotherapy, it is the best prevention they have encountered yet!

On the leg wraps, Spatz pointed out: “This is our hottest product. Our leg wraps are made with a composite material combining open celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam with selected high quality and specifically engineered fabrics. This unique composite was developed for use by various medical professionals, including, physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and related health care providers. These leg wraps are breathable yet provide maximum compression while they wicks away perspiration. They optimize Hot/Cold Therapy. They are safe, washable and durable, and they are infinitely adjustable due to their Velcro® Hook Receptive properties.

EyeOn® Leg Wraps Inserts
For those who want to keep using their regular leg wraps, Spatz has developed the EyeOn® Leg Wrap Inserts.  A first layer of the wrap is wound around the leg and then the EyeOn leg straps were added and the wrap completed.  EyeOn® leg wrap insert contain the same compound that naturally produces anions and Far Infrared Rays.  The leg wrap insert acts as a natural analgesic, accelerates the natural healing process plus enhances blood flow and oxygenation over the tendons, ligaments and other structures of the lower legs. 

EyeOn® Saddle Pad
From his success with the inserts, Spatz went on to design a saddle pad. He explained:
"Our EyeOn® Therapeutic Saddle Pads are made with special, soft, durable, non-slip material with saddle gripping power that fits the contour of your horses back providing all the EyeOn® benefits. The compound embedded in the saddle pad accelerates the natural healing process, reduces pain, swelling and inflammation."

The EyeOn® half pads can be used as an insert in various saddle pads or used as is to take advantage of its non-slip, saddle-gripping abilities he added.



EyeOn® Hoof Pads and HOOFix® Emergency Boots
Due to the frequency of horse’s related hoof problems, Spatz offers special hoof pads and a special boot to secure a faster healing process. The innovative EyeOn® HOOFix® Emergency Boot is manufactured by Plum Shade Farm, made with specialty fabrics and has a special EyeOn® coating to help protect your horse's hoof at any time. Easy to put on and take off, yet it stays on! The hi-tech sole incorporates ground tires for skid resistance and durability (Caution: sharp rocks may cut sole.) The revolutionary lining adds extra strength and toughness. Super industrial-strength Velcro® provides superior holding power. Both products contain the special EyeOn® compound that will assist in reducing the inflammation and promote the natural healing properties of the hoof structures and tissues. Regarding the Hoofix emergency boot, Spatz remarked: “A lot of thinking went into the manufacturing of this unique boot design. This boot eliminates rubbing of the coronary band or heel bulb, which are commonly experienced with other hoof boots. It comes with a pastern band that helps keep dirt out and adds extra protection.  The boot has the entire interior covered with a special EyeOn coating. Our boot is lightly padded and allows the hoof to breathe. The revolutionary lining adds extra strength and toughness. Super industrial-strength Velcro® provides superior holding power and yet it is to put on and take off! The hi-tech sole incorporates ground tires for skid resistance and durability.”


Here are some of the Dog products already available from EyeOn®.

EyeOnic® Orthopedic Waterproof Bed Liners In the Dog line of products, this is my favorite one. The EyeOnic® Orthopedic Waterproof Bed Liners just slip easily inside your pet's bed and will be producing FIR to assist your animal natural healing process. The anions naturally produced by EyeOn® compound will help neutralize any bad pet odors as well as serve as a natural antimicrobial.    

photo 9 - EyeOn® Waterproof Bed Liner.

So, every time your dog goes to lie-down for a nap, or for the night, the benefits of the EyeOn® technology are available to your animal, hours at a time! Pets growing older don't need to suffer from arthritis any longer.  Scientists around the world proved FIR will ease aches and pains so your pets can enjoy a  happier more comfortable life.  

EyeOnic® Dog Coats – Soon to be available

Animals recovering from injury, or feeling sore from intense training as well as aging animal afflicted with arthritis will greatly benefit from this coat! As the body moves, the EyeOnic® pet coats producing FIR will ease their discomfort and will contribute to healthier and happier lives.

EyeOnic® Orthopedic Pet Beds – Soon to be available

Mr. Spatz is actively developing the EyeOnic® Orthopedic Pet Beds. This bed can be used inside and out.  The soothing Far Infrared Rays naturally produced by EyeOn® will help keep your pet warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while helping ease their aches and pains at the same time. The anions naturally produced by EyeOn® will help neutralize any bad pet odors as well as serve as a natural antimicrobial.  These EyeOn® products are made of a special rubber/plastic material that is very durable, waterproof and washable.

Animal Awareness Endorse EyeOn®

I feel very fortunate to have met Douglas Spatz and his EyeOn® products as I will be able to pass this good information onto many animal owners, animal trainers and other professional who want to actively participate in the health and well being of the animals under their care.

The FIR technology and the Anions present in every EyeOn® manufactured good make this a environmentally friendly “Green” product. It is made of 100% natural, non-toxic minerals used to promote the natural healing process in every animal.

Extra Discount For Animal Awareness Community
EyeOn® offers an extra 5% discount, for orders over $25, to the Animal Awareness community. Be sure to use the following code  "2b4animalawareness" when ordering from the EyeOn® site:

For now, enjoy your new awareness

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt
Managing Director
Animal Awareness LLC