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A Great Topical Spray to Relieve
Pain, Soreness & Inflammation related to
Muscle/Tendon Strain or Ligament Sprain
& Other Injuries.

After testing the unique anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits of the clear, greaseless, non-staining Myogesic-CS topical spray product, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, managing director for Animal Awareness, has developed a strong business relationship with Vet-Genix™, the exceptional company that manufacture the amazing Myogesic-CS.

“Its greaseless, non-staining consistency makes it an ideal product for all type of massages,
from post injury to preventive sport massages as well as in the lighter approach used in the maintenance of aging animal. Furthermore its pleasant scent makes it that much more enjoyable to work with” says Jean-Pierre.

Animal Awareness is now a distributor of Myogesic-CS for its customers and is able to offer an extra 5% discount to the members of the Animal Awareness community.

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Starting Point
During a visit to a client in Wellington several months ago, I was first introduced to the Myogesic-CS equine topical spray care product. My client, a top professional equestrian, had only positive things to say about the multi-benefits of this genuine product on both her large and small animals.
As a health care provider, I instinctively got interested, especially when I heard the description of the non-toxic, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents used in the formula composition of this product aimed to assist and promote the natural healing process in every animal.
I decided to find out more about this remarkable Myogesic-CS item and experiment these great benefits myself. As I applied this product on my overworked forearm, I was agreeably surprised by the pleasant scent of the topical spray as well as the enjoyable sensation over my muscles. Within seconds I could feel the analgesic benefit, and within a few hours my muscles were feeling much relaxed. Within a few days I made contact with the mother company Vet-Genix™ to develop a business partnership in order to benefit the Animal Awareness community.

Description of Myogesic-CS™ Formula
The owners of Vet-Genix™ were very receptive to my inquiries and provided me with a huge amount of information regarding the special ingredients at the root of the Myogesic-CS topical care products. This particular formula is the result of smart thinking and it is made of selected and particular brand of special natural agents.  

myogesic-csMyogesic-CS is a greaseless non-staining formula that contains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents such as:

  • Arnica
  • Boswella Serrata
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Ilex Paraguariensis
  • MSM
  • Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale)
  • Peppermint oil
  • Menthol USP,

In addition to the naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents, this formula contains some Pramoxine HCL USP (0.5%), a topical anesthetic which stabilizes the neuronal membrane of nerve endings it contacts!

Vet-Genix™ insisted on the fact that the sources of his materials were selected with great discernment to ensure the best quality for the healing purpose. This high quality Myogesic-CS product is manufactured in the US and can be incorporated into any preventive, maintenance or palliative course of treatment for animals of all ages, breeds and conditioning.

Vet-Genix™ is a FDA Issued NDC# 61600-052-16 product. SKU VGMG-CS-016

Physiological Properties / Benefits
The Myogesic-CS natural formula is a very effective technology for health care. Its many physical benefits includes:

1. Temporary relief of pain associated with tendon strain or ligament sprain.
2. Temporary relief of pain associated with joint capsule soreness.
3. Superficial and deep pain from muscles.
4. Temporary pain relief from arthritis.
5. Temporary pain relief from bursitis
6. Temporary pain relief from bruises or any direct trauma.
7. Temporary pain relief from cramps/spasms.

Myogesic-CS may be used alone or together with other anti-inflammatory medications or approaches (Cold application, Cold laser) as directed by your practicing veterinarian.

Dosage and Administration
When finished with your light massage approach to warm up the area and stimulate circulation, apply a sufficient amount of spray to cover the affected area. Although not necessary, you might want to rub the area some more after application to secure penetration. However to not rub too harshly or for too long!

Allow adequate time for the product to dry before covering the affected areas with any bandage or wrap. This should take only a few minutes.

As preventive measure, once a day is recommended after exercises. However, in that case, only apply when horse as completely cool down.

When dealing with soreness, apply 1-2 times a day or otherwise as directed by your treating veterinarian. Keep in mind, one application may last 6 to 8 hours.

The duration of treatment directly depends upon the severity of the condition treated and the response to the therapy.

Keep in mind that some animals have a more sensitive skin than others. If irritation develops, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

Contraindication to the application of MyoGesic-CS:
In this context, the term contraindication is used to describe specific situations in which you should not use the MyoGesic-CS product in combination with your massage care. When faced with these circumstances, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.

  • Contact sensitivity to Menthol, Eucalyptus oil, Arnica, Boswella, Ilex, Comfrey, Peppermint oil and Pramoxine.
  • Do not massage when the horse’s temperature is over 102° Fahrenheit (F) or 39° Celsius (C). An increase in temperature occurs during serious illnesses; feverish conditions call for complete rest. Massage will only render the situation worse by increasing blood circulation, which is already rampant. Cover your horse with a blanket to keep him warm and to avoid a chill. Check with your vet.
  • When there is an open wound (broken skin) or healing wound (bleeding) anywhere on the body, avoid that particular area, although you may massage the rest of the body to help with excess swelling and to release compensatory tension.
  • During colitis, diarrhea, pregnancy, or hernias, use just a light stroking on the abdomen and only if the horse does not mind.
  • If cancerous tumors and cysts are present, don’t massage. Massage could spread them. Avoid the affected areas, but you may massage the rest of the body. Check with your vet.
  • Acute stages of viral diseases, such as equine influenza or herpes

There are more contra-indications to massage (see article Contraindications to Massage) but not necessarily to the application of the Myogesic-CS topical spray.

Be careful when dealing with what appears to be an abnormal situation.
If in doubt, contact a veterinarian.

Otherwise, use massage cautiously. When massage is contraindicated, the laying on of hands will often bring soothing energy to an irritated area, relieving the pain.

Hydrotherapy modalities can also contribute to relieve the inflammation and pain considerably, assisting recovery and definitively comforting your animal.

The use of the Myogesic-CS will enhance recovery and comfort for your animal.

Please visit our extensive video library to select your visual guidance in all the modalities listed above.

Important Application Recommendations
As you apply the spray, you need to be aware of blowing wind. Position yourself so the spray does not fly into your animal’s face, or yours as a matter of fact, as it would be very irritating to the eyes. Take the time to reposition your animal or yourself to secure maximum benefits in the application of the Myogesic-CS!

Recommended Visual Guidance – Free Video Download
We invite you to look up the Myogesic-CS video by clicking below! This visual guidance will show you how to best use and apply the Myogesic-CS and to secure maximum benefits.

To download free VIDEO, click here! COMING SOON!

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Animal Awareness Endorse Myogesic-CS 
I feel very fortunate to have met with Vet-Genix™ and their Myogesic-CS product as I will be able to pass this good information onto many animal owners, animal trainers and other professional who want to actively participate in the health and well being of the animals under their care. It is made of natural, non-toxic ingredients used to promote the natural healing process in every animal.

Extra Discount for Animal Awareness Community Members
Animal Awareness offers an extra 5% discount to its community members. Be sure to use your member code when ordering.

I hope you enjoyed this article on this amazing Myogesic-CS product and found the information useful.  My goal is help you provide quality care for the benefit of your animals. 
Please visit our FREE library. Our many articles address important aspects of animal wellness and fitness. Take the time to scroll through our free library to find out how you can actively contribute to your horse’s wellness.

Animal Awareness also offers a large video library with over a 100 mini-videos that will show you how to easily perform the various massage and stretching techniques talked about in this article, and more. These videos offer you the correct start and visual guidance. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop a good home care program for the benefit of your animal friend.  He will love you for it.
For now, enjoy your new awareness

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT
Managing Director
Animal Awareness LLC

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