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Our mission is to provide wide information, educational materials and clinics to help animal lovers achieve best results in the daily care of their animal and for themselves as it improve their overall living experience with their animal.

We invite you to explore our website and take advantage of Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt superior training. His extensive free library of useful articles address important aspects of your animal wellness and fitness; they will assist you better understand critical conditions. Take the time to find out how you can, in a natural way, actively contribute to your dog’s fitness and wellness.

His powerful mini-video (8 to 12 minutes each) series provides precious visual guidance just as if Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt was there in person to assist you in developing your skills. These high definition quality videos reflect Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt three decades of human and animal massage therapy. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop a good home care program for the benefit of your animal friend.  He will love you for it.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to have a private consultation with Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt (e-mail or telephone conversation) to discuss your animal’s wellness and fitness. From your direct feedback, he will develop a personalized home-care program to best benefit your animal. With his years of practice and expertise, Jean-Pierre has the ability to explain complex issues with intelligence, lucid language and facts born of research, experience and hands-on testing. You will receive a written case assessment including instructions on massage, stretching, hydrotherapy and daily care plan.

This site is about you. It will awake you to the many possibilities available to you and assist you in your choice of a “healthy lifestyle” for you and your animal. This knowledge is for life, yours and your animal(s).

Animal Lover, this is your site….

Notice: The service provided by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt and Animal Awareness is not intended as a substitute for the medical services of a licensed veterinarian. Rather, it is designed to give practical assistance to the animal owner or to any professional that wish to promote the wellness of their animal to better cope with everyday situations in the life of our animal friends.

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